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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Candid Mentor

I was told by a Tribe member, as she occupied her Space as Mentor; during her Emerging 2020 Presentation. As she walked us through various exercises that allowed us to reflect on our respective Spaces. During this time, I began thinking about all the things I wanted to do. Yet, I still had reservations. Quite frankly I was being insecure and letting fear take over. What ever was I going to do? Y'all this was stressful!!

I raised my hand to ask one simple little question, just one.

Okay, well maybe there were multiple questions. LOL!

As she attentively listened, and waited for me to shut up. My Mentor candidly shared in a room full of other aspiring women. "Zenda, the only way you are going to accomplish your goals and walk in the spaces you are Destined to walk in. Is by YOU getting OUT of the BOX you put YOURSELF in.' She went on further to say, "Stop peeping your head out of the box, and come on out." Yes, my Tribe member said all of that in a room full of people!!

Sitting there in a bit of shock. Mouth slightly open and 'Damn K', written on my face.

I began to respond and stopped. She was 127% Correct! If I wanted to succeed as it pertained to "All ThingZ..", I would have to Get Out of Self-Inflicted, metaphoric BOX that was full of excuses; and reasons, as to why something couldn't be done.

At that point, I made a decision....

It was time to make ThingZ happen!!

So, what is the point of this you may ask? The point is, we all need women in our lives that will call us out on our BS. And that is not a Bachelors of Science....LOL! Women that are supportive of you personally, your goalz; as you support theirs. All while each woman 'Ever-Evolves'.

Following last month's post, a younger Soror of mine posted about her frustration w/ women stating they don't need/want 'new friends'. As I read her post, I thought about the time I had that very same mindset. Why? Baggage. I can now admit, I was immature; even as an Adult.

From a 'No New Friends' mindset, to embracing 'Tribe Diversification'.  As you Evolve, so Should your Tribe(s).       ~A Dinky'ism

That said, I have found that true Forgiveness and truly Releasing of all thingZ holding you back in any capacity; aids in being able to fulfill your space as a part of a Tribe. Specifically to be an effective member of a Tribe.

Tribe Diversification is intentionally seeking, forming, building and cultivating relationships with a specific group of women/men; that add value and perspectives.  Overall, enhancing and aiding in achieving a specific goal (or goals)- Personally and Professionally. ~dinkyrose

Get your Journal. Write the names of your respective Tribes. Write the names of each person under their respective Tribe. Do this activity from two Spaces: Personally and Professionally.

For additional Writing Prompts regarding 'Tribe(s), go to 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose on Facebook and see the '30 Day Journaling Experience w/ Dinky Rose'.


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