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Dinky Rose ChatZ...A Must Read!

'The Godprint: Navigating Life His Way'

Author: Ebony Robinson

This book I started months ago. I read it, trying to glean!!! I struggled, so I put it down; yet carried it with in my ‘work bag’ for quite some time.

‘Work Bag’ symbolic of me. I was losing my job in the months to come. When people asked me what I was going to do, I said “God’s got me. And my next career will be something I love and am passionate about.”At the same time, I knew and was confident in the fact that God had me.

Fast forward, until late September; early October of 2019, I began reading The Godprint: Navigating life His way again. This time I finished it!!!

I am so happy I did!! It’s one of those books that speak to you wherever you are.

Let’s just say, when I picked up where I left off; I was fresh soil, ready for planting and the growing of something beautiful. You have to read it to understand!!

It is a must read for those looking to grow more intimate with our God. I found through reading this book; that I am in fact a ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

Check it out! Ebony Robinson speaks in a clear and non-judgmental way, as she draws you closer to HIM.

Get your copy & Ever-Evolve!

“To live an abundant life first you need to have an abundant mentality." ~ Ebony Robinson


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